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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Pebble smart watch is sold out on Kickstarter

There is an official confirmation, but we can assume that Fitbit eats Pebble. A story initially unveiled by The Information, that little by little the technological media have been tying the ends until it becomes a fact: a tweet erased from the Pebble account said the following: ¯ (ツ) / ¯. A graphic way of saying, 'this is what there is'.

It seems that the creators of wear-ables are going to fix the operation for a lot less money than what could be supposed, we are talking about a figure that moves between 34 and 40 million dollars. I do not know if Pebble is worth that, or worth more, but in the past he had the opportunity to be bought by a lot more.
They tell us that the integration of Pebble within Fitbit will be important, there is even talk of the disappearance as a brand in the market. Pebble would mainly stay with his intellectual property, and his software. With this movement Fitbit would seek to consolidate itself in the world of smart watches, where the company specialized in quantification has been taking timid steps.
The element most dear to Fitbit may be the operating system, or the intellectual property around it. It would allow you to grow in product ecosystem more easily
The addition of Pebble will rejuvenate Fitbit, the current leader in the wearable market, mainly due to the strength it has with the quantifying bracelets. Another to sing is to take the head in the sector of smart watches, where there are giants like Apple, Samsung, or LG, which is costing them horrors to make a product that the general public wants.

Successful Kickstarter to be absorbed

We must remember that Pebble has entered more than 40 million dollars throughout his career within Kickstarter (since 2012), different campaigns have put the brand in the market, and we can not deny that it has become much known in little time, facing established names in consumer electronics.

We still remember how he raised a million dollars in a day, as well as the criticism he has endured for continuing to use a crowdfunding platform with its following products: it is assumed that it was already a consolidated company, capable of producing without the help of the people.
Pebble understood a new market, he knew that people could want a moderately smart watch, with autonomy and affordable
We could say that it was the first to place a smartwatch on the market as such, with its operating system and basic functionalities, a couple of years before others had anything to offer. To continue evolving the idea has been complicated, with Time - more smartwatch - they have not achieved the necessary push to transform the company.

Yes, other companies have wanted Pebble, we can highlight a first assault by the Japanese Citizen back in 2015, at that time they were offering 740 million dollars. The next case is that of Intel, who put 70 million dollars on the table to take over the small company born Kickstarter.

The road ahead is complicated, possibly together have something more to say in a field that we all boasted more fertile as is the smart watches, difficult even for Apple or Samsung.

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